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2013 First Book Institute

The 2013 First Book Institute was co-directed by CALS Director Sean X. Goudie and Priscilla Wald, Professor of English and Women's Studies at Duke University. Institute faculty included Penn State professors Thomas Beebee, Hester Blum, Robert Caserio, Tina Chen, Jonathan Eburne, Eric Hayot, Janet Lyon, Shirley Moody-Turner, and Jeffrey Nealon.

2013 First Book Institute Participants and Projects

Sean Goudie, Priscilla Wald, Samaine Lockwood, Sonya Posmentier, Adrienne Brown, Sarah Juliet Lauro, Christen Mucher, Todd Carmody, Ted Martin, Danielle Heard

Adrienne Brown, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

    • Project Title: The Black Skyscraper: Modern Architecture and the Shape of Race and Writing

Todd Carmody, Lecturer on History and Literature, Harvard University

    • Project Title: "Racial Handicap": The Disability History of Racial Uplift

Danielle Heard, Assistant Professor of English, University of California at Davis

    • Project Title: Mavericks of Masquerade: Comic Strategies of Post-Blackness

Sarah Juliet Lauro, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Clemson University

    • Project Title: Rise Up! Living Death in Slavery, Rebellion, and Resistance

Samaine Lockwood, Assistant Professor of English, George Mason University

    • Project Title: Recollecting Regionalism: Queer Women, New England, and the Work of US History, 1875-1915

Theodore (Ted) Martin, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    • Project Title: Contemporary Drift: Genre and the Measures of the Present

Christen Mucher, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Smith College

    • Project Title: Becoming Indigenous: Colonial Memory, American Antiquities, and Native Pasts

Sonya Posmentier, Assistant Professor of English, New York University

    • Project Title: Cultivation and Catastrophe: Forms of Nature in Modern Poetry of the Black Diaspora

Additional Photos from the 2013 First Book Institute

Co-Director Priscilla Wald leads a workshop.

Co-Directors Sean Goudie and Priscilla Wald head a session on revising introductions.

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